2016 and other things

We saw 2016, Dinesh D’Souza’s movie last night. Outstanding. If you’ve not seen it, I highly recommend it.

One thing I’ve got to say: there were readings from Obama’s autobiography, read by TheOne himself in this movie. I never read his books or listened to the audios, but I had to wonder who would accept this Bullsh*t? It’s the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard. And I guess lots of people really did eat it up and accept it as truth. It was so cornball stupid. Made me glad I never bought his books. I didn’t need to read his books to know that his politics were red, even back then before the election.

I remember election night in ’08. I was at work and one of the patients was in the tv room. He asked me who won (the presidency.) My response was “the communist won.”


On another topic, I’m sure you’ve all heard about this. While I hate using the term “hate crime” because I think all crimes are hate crimes,  I’d say this qualifies as one. And while these attackers say their members of the KKK, I think when the truth comes out, that won’t be the case.  If they are anything, I’d bet money they are anarchists. Kids who do things like this to other people, aren’t smart enough to have an opinion on anything except how fun it is (to them) to hurt others.

Once they are found, throw the book at ’em!


Once again, I’m going to do a mini rant about Hollywood actors and singers who hate on average Americans like you and me; this week, specifically Samuel L. Jackson and Ellen Barkin. If you’ve not read their tweets or heard about them on the news, they are here and here.

I refuse to spend another dime to see a movie by these people or to buy their music. I helped make them rich and now they think they have the right to say these things about me? Nope.


Now I’m going to piss off my libertarian friends and say that if Ron Paul does not endorse Romney/Ryan and we lose this election because his followers either don’t vote or vote for a libertarian, I’m not too sure I can ever forgive them. If they are spoilers in this election and Obama wins again, before I slit my throat, I will let loose on them like no one’s ever seen before.

Ron Paul is calling Bradley Manning a whistle blower. Manning is a traitor to this nation, not a whistle blower. Ron Paul has said that we created Osama bin Laden and 9/11 was our fault. Ron Paul’s foreign policy is disastrous and misguided.

Thank God he spawned Rand, though.

3 responses to “2016 and other things

  • nooneofanyimport

    I agree with CoF: great rant!

    Wow, I didn’t know that Ron Paul was sympathetic to Bradley Manning. Ugh. He’s had all kind of anti Israel issues in the past, I know that much. Also, when I was walking in downtown Tampa this week and watching the Paulites march about with their signs, I couldn’t help but notice. They are nice, but they appear quite wacky themselves. They are a funny mix of Tea Party and Occupy, somehow, in appearance and demeanor.

    I read that “Dreams from my Father” back in ’09, trying to understand why folks voted for him, and it only made the election more inexplicable. “It was so cornball stupid” LOL yes it was, and even worse: it was boring. I noticed some of the quotes that D’Souza did, but not all of them. Because at times, it was all I could do to turn the page and slog thru another chapter. So much self-obsessed navel gazing.


  • Conservatives on Fire

    Good rant, Roxy. that video of the poor jewish boy blew me away. The hospital says if they ever hear that a patient was a victim of a beating they always call the police. Excuse me! What the hell did they think happened to this kid?

    I admit that i supported Ron Paul for a time; but this guy is living in a ddifferent universe.

    • roxannadanna

      That’s the thing about Ron Paul —- he’s that person we all have known who drives us wacky and just when we think “okay, he’s not so bad after all,” he does something really stupid (like calling Manning a whistle blower) and makes us wonder WHY did we ever think there’d be a different response from him?

      There are some issues that I agree with Paul on and then there’s when he opens his mouth… ya know?

      Why oh why do we have to have this spoiler in the fight at a time like this? When we all need to come together and get Obama out of the WH, why is Paul in the damned way???

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