If I were president we’d be out of the UN on my second day

I don’t like conspiracy theories and I’m not an alarmist but would I bet my house that this wouldn’t happen in an Obama 2nd regime? Not on your life.

This Texas judge is preparing for an Obama win in November and he’s convinced that there will be civil disobedience that could reach the level of armed revolt. Now, mind you, I have no real belief in another civil war and I think he’s way off the charts there but do I think Obama will try to turn some of our sovereignty over to the UN? That I can believe.

I can’t imagine how a second civil war could ever play out in America. There’s no scenario that I can conjure up in my head that would lead to that. The legislature will NOT force American gun owners to register their guns with the UN. That is a Constitutional violation of the highest order. If there was going to be a civil war, this would be the only catalyst that I can imagine and like I said, I don’t see our legislators agreeing to do that.

I do believe that there are more insidious UN agendas that could come to pass in America and that we would have little knowledge of until it is too late. The ‘rights of the child’ is one that comes to mind, as well as Agenda 21. This is why I want us to get out of the UN and get out yesterday! If I were president, after repealing ObamaCare, that would be my next order of business. And not only would I leave the UN but I’d send them packing out of Manhattan, too.

I can’t forgive them or the Obama regime for allowing them to come into Arizona and investigate us for human rights violations. Then on the other hand they allow countries like Iran and Syria on their Human Rights commission.

By and large, Americans are too civil now to engage in another civil war.  Of course there are fringes of anarchists on the left and extremist militia on the far right who might take actions into their own hands but who really has the time to go to war against their own nation? Most of us are too busy trying to get on with our lives – we work and raise families and pay mortgages. Who has time to fortress ourselves in our neighborhoods and fight a war against our own nation?

All that being said, we’ve often discussed moving to Texas because it’s probably going to be the last free place left in America.  Not to mention there’s no state income tax there and lots of lots of beaches. 😉


4 responses to “If I were president we’d be out of the UN on my second day

  • Freedom, by the way

    I think they should relocate the UN to Haiti. The people there need jobs–hell, they need a purpose– and the UN is all about helping the poorest nations, right? And they would be stuck in the middle of the sea, overlooking Cuba. And the US need only have a small presence (keep your enemy close type of thinking).
    Regarding civil unrest? I truly believe that DHS & this administration are salivating at the thought. What better way to implement the many unconsitutional acts that have been passed in recent years? Round up the non-conformists.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    I agree, Roxy. The US should get out of the UN and the UN should get out of New York. Let them put their whore house in some other country.

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