Obama campaign throws out all civility, rules and traditions

Biden has condescended to Black Americans by telling them, in an affected dialect, that the Republicans want to “put ya’ll back in chains.” Today in Minnesota, he called the GOP a bunch of “squealing pigs.” And next week he’s going to crash a tradition of keeping a low profile during the opposing parties convention by visiting Tampa on the first day of the GOP convention.

There are no longer any traditions or rules that apply, as far as the Obama campaign is concerned. It goes without saying that civility is gone.

Last week the dems circled the wagons around Biden (or Buffoden, as I like to call him) over the furor of his remark in VA. And it was all okay. Stephanie Cutter even approved of his comments. But Akin is being excoriated for his Sunday statements in an interview about rape and abortion. I listened to the full interview and aside from his statements being stupid, I wasn’t offended.  Everyone was calling for him to pull out of the race and as you all know now, he refused to. Frankly, I’m glad he didn’t. We should have circled around him just as the dems do their buffoon. The dems spin everything Buffooden says to be “not so stupid, after all.” We could learn a lesson from them in that regard. The difference and the problem is that they have the media on their side and we don’t. It’s easier to spin when the press don’t ask any follow-up questions or challenge you.

On the other hand, I give the American people more credit and I hope I’m not disappointed – again – in November. I hope they see through this unseemly behavior by the left and I think that most of them do, now.


2 responses to “Obama campaign throws out all civility, rules and traditions

  • nooneofanyimport

    I feel two ways about Akin: First way: someone dumb enough to spout “women under duress of rape don’t get pregnant” shouldn’t hold office. But second, someone who is at least pro-life and not a crony is better than Claire McCaskill. The rest is just strategic: can we replace him with something better in time?

    If they can’t, then they better figure that out quick and get behind the man. You know what I mean?

    • roxannadanna

      I don’t know either. Did you listen to his whole statement in that interview? My first thought when he said “legitimate rape” was that he was differentiating it (the violent act) from statutory rape (which is still rape but usually involves a consenting minor female.)

      I agree that we don’t need another dummy in the senate, though. I’d like to see that Steelman lady run.

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