Biden – missing in action?

Does anyone know or wonder what’s happened to Biden?

He was called to a lunch meeting last week with Obama, after his ridiculous blunder in Virginia and no one has seen or heard from him since – or at least I haven’t.

Now I’m reading the headline at Drudge that his secret service detail is in Tampa during the GOP convention.  What’s that about?

Why aren’t the media asking – Where is Joe?


7 responses to “Biden – missing in action?


    Joe has been sent to Tampa, Fla. evidently to liven up the opposition against the upcoming onslaught of the Romney Machine.
    I saw this on FOX News.
    Maybe he is organizing the unions to provide the necessary distractions to disrupt the RNC Convention.
    Why else would he be down there ?

    • Freedom, by the way

      Florida is a right-to-work state, who is he going to fire up? The Teachers Union? Obama has gutted NASA, the EPA regs are threatening agriculture and the housing/building industry is still in the tank. Everyone is worried about the senior vote. But it’s the real non-retired Floridians who are really hurting right now. They are the ones that need to turn out en mass. I have no fear of Biden being in Tampa. The Dems don’t get much empathy in Florida except in heavily Democratic South Florida (from West Palm Beach south, which is a very heavily populated area, I agree).

  • Conservatives on Fire

    would not be surprised if one day soon, Biden announces that for health reasons he will have to resign as Vice President. Then BO could appoint Hillary to fill the VP slot and be his running mate. In otherords, they may tell Joe he has to take one for the team.

  • Freedom, by the way

    I read last week that after his last foot-in-mouth blunder that they sent him home to Delaware until the DNC convention. He can’t do too much damage there, as long as he doesn’t leave his own backyard.

    As much as we laugh and groan, and as much as we see Biden as a great plus to the Republicans during this election, it’s quite frightening to me that if anything were to happen to Obama between now and Nov 6, that idiot would be in charge…and he could be worse, in other ways.


    I think that Joe has possibly been benched for the time being.
    He is a potential liability for Obama’s aspirations of achieving a second term.
    If you remember his first run, Michelle Obama was told to tone it down, and essentially disappeared until he was elected.

    Roxy,…you have said in the past that Obama will lose.
    It is looking more and more like you were right.
    Fingers and toes crossed, we will take our Country back.

    Here’s something that I think you will enjoy,…..

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