Bloggers beware who and how you smear. Adelson wins apology from DCCC.

Casino mogul and mega Republican donor, Sheldon Adelson was accused of profiting from prostitution in his Macau casino by the Nevada Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee – not on one blog but 2. The blogs, from June 29 and July 2, stated that Adelson’s donations to Republican candidates came directly from Chinese prostitution. The allegations stem from a lawsuit that a former (fired) employee has filed against Adelson. This employee was in charge of his Macau property.

Adelson’s attorneys demanded that the DCCC retract it’s false statements and apologize or face defamation lawsuits. Naturally, they folded and issued a retraction and apology:

“The statements [made in June and July] were untrue and unfair and we retract them. The DCCC extends its sincere apology to Mr.Adelson and his family for any injury we have caused.”

You would think that a national organization like the DCCC would have the good sense – not to mention attorneys – who would be checking these things before they go to the eternal internet. But they are more amateur than the patriot bloggers who I consider my friends.


4 responses to “Bloggers beware who and how you smear. Adelson wins apology from DCCC.


    Desperate people make poor decisions.
    The problem here is that the retraction will likely get less press than the allegation.

    Ryan for the VP, you Betcha !!!!

    • roxannadanna

      Well I would normally agree with you except that it was the lead story (above the fold) in last week’s LV Review-Journal. So it did get a lot of coverage in Nevada.

      And I’m with you — RYAN! Great choice!

      • AFVET

        I’m glad it did Roxy.
        Buy lot’s of popcorn and sit back and watch two decent, intelligent Americans put Obama and his regime back where they belong.
        You said that you felt that Obama would lose in a landslide, yep,…. this just put the cap on it.

        Thomas Jefferson once said that the people will make mistakes, but they will eventually get it right.
        He was a wise man.

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