Victor Davis Hanson – Blowing up History

In the Arabic media, there are reports that Muslim clerics — energized by the sudden emergence of Egypt’s new president, Muhammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood — are now agitating to demolish the Egyptian pyramids. According to agitated imams, the Pharaohs’ monuments represent “symbols of paganism” from Egypt’s pre-Islamic past and therefore must vanish.


One shared trait is the power of ideological zealotry, whether religious or environmental, to trump all questions of practicality, historical preservation and reverence for prior generations. The zealot’s version of purity, and only his version, mattersVictor Davis Hanson


I was so appalled when the Taliban blew up the twin Buddhas, to almost no international condemnation. And now, as I’ve written before, they are calling for the destruction of the Great Pyramids. I take these people at their word. If they want to destroy these architectural wonders, they will find a way to do so.

And they are so short sighted. These pyramids are the biggest tourist draws to the country. Down the crapper go all those tourist dollars. They have already looted the museums of Cairo in their great “Arab spring.” They show no reference whatsoever for the magnificent history of Egypt. None.

The environmentalists in California are calling for the same thing in Yosemite and San Francisco.

Please read the column. It’s short but a definite must read.


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