The real imperial president

I don’t care what Mitt Romney did with his money. I care what Obama has done with mine.

Be warned: I’m going to start every blog with that sentence by Rush Limbaugh.

Now for something kinda different, but not too much:

[I]t has been much the same in his [Obama’s] dealings with the states. Don’t like Arizona’s plans to check immigration status? Sue. Don’t like state efforts to clean up their voter rolls? Invoke the Voting Rights Act. Don’t like state authority over fracking? Elbow in with new and imagined federal authority, via federal water or land laws.

In so many situations, Mr. Obama’s stated rationale for action has been the same: We tried working with Congress but it didn’t pan out—so we did what we had to do. This is not only admission that the president has subverted the legislative branch, but a revealing insight into Mr. Obama’s view of his own importance and authority.

There is a rich vein to mine here for GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Americans have a sober respect for a balance of power, so much so that they elected a Republican House in 2010 to stop the Obama agenda. The president’s response? Go around Congress and disregard the constitutional rule of law. What makes this executive overreach doubly unsavory is that it’s often pure political payoff to special interests or voter groups.

Mr. Obama came to office promising to deliver a new kind of politics. He did—his own, unilateral governance.

Read the entire column by Kimberly Strassel at the WSJ

I guess voters thought that by electing a Republican house it would put Obama in check. Obviously not. He’s gone around Congress at every turn, including most recently by overturning the Welfare Act that gave Clinton his big bragging rights – deserved or not. ( I journal – right here. Can I apply for welfare?)




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