Tell Andrew Carnegie – the man of steel – that he “didn’t do it on his own”

Andrew Carnegie

At the time of his death in 1919 Andrew Carnegie had already given away, in what is todays money, nearly $5 billion. His remaining wealth of $30 million was divided up between several philanthropic endeavors and, I might add, pensioners. He did this all on his own. No president or government MADE him do this.

He came to America with his family from Scotland before he was 13 and started his career as a bobbin boy in a fabric factory, making $1.20 a week. Carnegie went on to become the wealthiest man in the world. And I might add, without the governments help. This was before the days of Eisenhower’s interstate road system and income tax, by the way. One has to wonder, how did all that steel make it out of his factory?

In 1901 J.P. Morgan bought him out to the tune of, in today’s dollars, $13.5 billion, the largest buyout at the time, in world history.

Once the buyout was done, Carnegie devoted his time to the real loves of his life: education and peace. Carnegie Mellon University and numerous museums and libraries worldwide are named after him. He donated millions of dollars worldwide to these causes.

Again, no one made him do these things. No government. No president. No congress. And no government helped him amass his fortune either. He did this all on his own.


12 responses to “Tell Andrew Carnegie – the man of steel – that he “didn’t do it on his own”

  • Bunkerville

    You nailed it. Obama went off the prompter and the emperor had no clothes.


    Fantastic Post Roxy.
    Henry Ford invented the assembly line, after two failures.
    Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, after thousands of failures.
    The Wright Brothers repaired bicycles and invented the airplane after many failures to get the ‘bird’ airborne in Ohio, and then went to Kill Devil Hills outside of Kittyhawk, N.Carolina..
    They needed the breeze from the sea to test the wing design.

    All of the above resulted in successful endeavors by people that were willing to take a chance on an idea, a dream, a vision.
    They all had the fortitude and the spine to stick with the desire that they had to accomplish their goal.

    Today, the regulations would have deemed these efforts fruitless.

  • righthook38

    I approached a liberal acquaintance, who is a small business owner, about Obama’s speech, thinking maybe this would finally get him off of the Obama train, but his only comment “so what? It was a mediocre speech…what’s your point?”

    What the…??? How could any small business owner give the man a pass on that speech? I was appalled. Willful ignorance….pure and simple. Then when I called Obama a Marxist, he told me I’m entitled to my own opinion, but not my own facts. Wow. Needless to say, this man is beyond saving. It will be my last political conversation with him. Why waste my breath?

    • AFVET

      Don’t waste your breath.
      Zombies are among us.

    • roxannadanna

      You gotta wonder about these people, you really do. They have so sucked down the KoolAide it’s ridiculous.
      But I have to wonder,,, when they go into that voting booth, how will they REALLY vote?

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Because he has never had to work for anything in his life, he thinks everybody who has what he has got it the same way he did. What an ass!

  • samiam60

    Great example of all that is wrong with Obama’s disturbing remarks my friend.

    Imagine the list of “Self Made” millionaires we could compile all because of one line on a Document:

    Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

    You won’t find that in any Socialist/Marxist Country.

    Only in America…The Land of OPPORTUNITY, not Entitlements!

    • roxannadanna

      Thanks Sami. America has made more millionaires and amassed more wealth than any other nation in the history of the world. And we are supposed to be ashamed of that? We aren’t supposed to feel that this nation is exceptional?

      This president is so off the mark on every thing that’s American.

      • samiam60

        It is sad and quite extraordinary to see a President of the United States with such disdain for the American way of life. Don’t even get me started on his wife and all the anti-American things she has said.

        What we are beginning to see here is the Entitlement
        Mentality grabbing hole of more and more of our Society. I am not sure America can survive this kind of dissent from within. I guess we shall see soon enough as America rapidly moves to an economy such as we are seeing in Socialist Europe.

        We often hear people say God Bless America and I cannot remember a time when we were in more need of Americans Praying for America.

        I am convinced we are fighting something much bigger than an ideology. I think we are fighting a Principality coming straight from the bowels of Hell.

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