The never ending Obama arrogance

What a disappointment these last 3 years have been. I’m sure I’m not alone in my feelings, either. Let me be clear, I never bought the “hope and change” crap but I really hoped that this guy would be a uniter. Instead he’s been nothing but a partisan thug and he’s brought no hope and no change to this nation. He has no leadership skills whatsoever. Obama kicked off his presidency with a Middle Eastern apology tour and it’s gone downhill, rapidly, from there.

I had to laugh out loud when I heard him say to Charlie Rose that the hard part of the job has not been the “hard work.” Hard work? When has he worked hard? He’s either on the course or the campaign trail at every turn. The world is falling apart and he’s out raising money and lying about his competitor.

I can’t believe this man really wants another term when I hear him say that business owners didn’t work to make their businesses successful  – that it’s thanks to the government they are successful. Let me tell you, we owned a small business and the government did NOTHING  but get in our way!  And if we still owned a small business or farm, with this regime, it would be worse. I can’t imagine how anyone can keep a business going in this atmosphere, let alone hire anyone.

Talk about the arrogance of Obama’s statements! It’s never ending…. until he’s out of the White House.


8 responses to “The never ending Obama arrogance

  • righthook38

    Great post. This man doesn’t know the meaning of hard work. That’s why he’s so comfortable with trashing small business owners and anyone who has become successful in a capitalistic society. Bay Buchanan made a good point the other day….Democrats have no problem with someone who’s rich because they inherited it (Rockefeller) or married into it (Kerry), but they DO have a problem with anyone who is rich because they WORKED for it. In what warped world does that make any sense???

    I’m in the process of starting my own business, and you’re right….government has only gotten in the way. It costs money to register the business, register the DBA’s, file a tax exempt certificate, file taxes with the Dept. of Revenue, the list goes on…not to mention the time and hassle. I haven’t seen anyone scrimping and saving to put money in my business account, or putting in the long hours I do to start up the business. How dare that man say I owe the government anything!

    Romney needs to go after this man with everything he’s got. All he says is “I’m proud of my record” as a businessman. He’d better do more than that. He needs to say something like “I’ve been successful in business, and when I’m president, I’m going to create an environment in which you too, can achieve your own success!” He needs to stop pussyfooting around, and take a real stance against this loser.

    • AFVET

      RH, your last paragraph nails it.
      Romney had better level the playing field or he will lose.
      I put a link up on Roxy’s new post above that you should read.
      Fair is fair.


    Great post Roxy.
    As far as Obama’s ‘work ethic’ is concerned, you may want to visit

    Keith Koffner is a White house correspondent that keeps us up to date on Obama’s demanding schedule from day to day.

    Tidbits like this,…Obama used Air Force 1 to fly to Virginia, (90 miles).
    He could have gotten there on Marine 1 in 45 minutes.

    The cost to the American taxpayer for his incessant fundraising is astronomical.
    Whenever he flies around throughout the country, he takes two 747’s and at least 1 C-17 transport to haul his limos around.
    If he is going to need a helicopter, that is yet another C-17.

    Today he is in Cincinnati for two fundraisers and then back to WDC to catch a basketball game.

    Read Keith’s post from time to time, it will enrage you.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Obama just handed Romney another constiuency–small business owners. Keep talking, Obama. I’m enjoying seeing how big that hole you’re digging is getting.

  • samiam60

    I share your feelings 100% my friend and support all of your wonderful efforts to get this information out and wake up the American People.

    Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be fighting Communism within our own Government.

    God help US and God Bless the United States of America

    • roxannadanna

      I’ve never been so afraid for our nation, Sami. Never, ever did I think we’d come to this point.

      • AFVET

        This is what happens when ignorant people vote blindly.
        His newest onslaught on Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital is indicative of his arrogance.
        Demanding Romney’s tax returns should be met with a response from Romney that he will release his tax returns when Obama releases his school records.

        If Romney doesn’t get tough, Obama will run over him like a bulldozer.

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