No more “Avon Calling”?

This is an interesting article: the top 10 businesses that will no longer be in 2013. And that’s not speculation – the author sounds pretty definate.

Some of them are pretty surprising, like Avon and Talbots, for instance. Gee, I remember as a little girl, my aunt had Talbots catalogs in her house. But the competition with niche ladies fashion businesses has really hurt them, as well as Avon. Cosmetics is a really competitive business and their stocks have plummeted.  Coty is poised to take over Avon – maybe. If you have any Avon products, I’d hold onto them. They might have some real value some day.

USAirways is positioning themselves to gobble up American Airlines. I have a friend whose brother is a pilot for AA. I have to wonder how this will effect him. He’s not retirement age yet.

Then there’s the not so surprising BlackBerry.  I’ve already heard from phone owners that BlackBerry was on the wane. And – like Avon and Talbots, simply too much news competition online now.

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