Rush said it best today

I don’t give a damn what Romney did with his money. I care what Obama’s been doing with mine!

We have got to get this message out there and ram. it. home.

Andrea Tantaros said that it’s pretty rich to have the Obamatrons crying “Romey’s a felon” when Obama has had an aunt and an uncle in this country illegally and he admits to using cocaine and weed in his high school and college days. Last time I checked, use of both those drugs are illegal.

He surrounds himself with people who break the law: Tony Rezko and Blago, for instance. Both convicted felons. His Treasury secretary apparently couldn’t run TurboTax on his own computer. And his right hand economic man – Jeffery Immelt’s corporation not only “outsourced” the Xray division of GE over seas but they also paid NO income taxes last year.

His career in politics is so stellar that Obama voted present more times than not when he was in the senate. And it’s well known that this man voted against saving the life of a viable aborted fetus. Are there really, seriously any sane people on the left who approve of that? I mean, com’on, that’s really  murder.

Right on the heels of scolding the SCOTUS that they really have no business overturning laws that were implemented by “a democratically elected Congress” – ObamaCare – , Obama goes ahead and with the swipe of his pen, overturns laws (welfare reforms) that were implemented by a “democratically elected Congress” not to mention a president of the United States (Bill Clinton.)

This is appalling to me and I’ve just scratched the surface. Obama gave loans without taxpayer guarantees to GM, Chrysler and Solyndra, to just name a few. He’s looked after his union thug-buddies and forsaken the American taxpayer. And we are at risk of having him re-elected!

It’s time to get this message, and many others that I’ve left off, out there and get another president in the oval office.  He’s got to be sent packing back to Chicago.  I don’t believe the nation can survive another 4 years of him.





4 responses to “Rush said it best today


    Well said Roxy.
    And yet, Obama has the audacity to demand that Romney release his income tax forms while denying the American People access to his school records, passports, SSN, and essentially anything that he refuses to let US see by executive order.
    The double standard must be eliminated.
    If Romney isn’t willing to get down in the mud with Obama, he will lose the election.
    Obama and his Chicago thugs are relentless, and will stop at nothing to destroy the opponent.

    Nice to have you back ! 🙂

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