Laura Wilson, your name is now crap in political circles

If it’s possible to come up with an idea more stupid than or, you, Laura Wilson have taken the award for totally stupid and ill conceived. I’m pretty certain you won’t be finding a job in a political arena, ever again. – unless it’s Joe Biden or Al Franken’s campaigns.

I took the advice of our posters and went to the Obama wedding registry website. I hope you read the comments. They’re priceless. It begs the question, where are the Obamatrons? Not one comment in support of this guy or this stupid website.

It’s hard to respect this president (like I ever did) when I see his minions doing this, under and in his name. This bullshit (pardon me) of respecting the office, if not the man is nothing short of ridiculous. I could no more respect the office today than I could fly to the moon. Let me clue you in, Laura Wilson and Mr. Obama, you earn respect. And respect is a two-way street. You show me respect as YOUR boss and I’ll show you respect back.

This is the level of respect this guy has for us? He’s asking us to give up our birthday presents, anniversary and wedding gifts — FOR HIM? I’ll ask the question you all have already asked – when will he ask for us to request donations in lieu of flowers for our deceased loved ones?

It makes no difference to the average Joe that this website was set up under the name of Laura Wilson. It’s all attached to Obama –, and now the Obama Event Registry, just to rename a few. Appalling, disrespectful and totally out of touch with the American people.

I will slit my throat if he’s re-elected.





Okay… I was just being a drama queen.




5 responses to “Laura Wilson, your name is now crap in political circles

  • vic@PRNC

    With all due respect Ms Wilson, I am not one of Bam Bam’s coneys like Goldman Sacs or Government Motors. So what’s in it for me? I’m doing with 40% less than 4 years ago. I’m not in a union. My medical insurance went up 25%. The sea levels look the same to me. So does the crashed economy. Where’s the hope n change my misguided fellows voted for?

    I know these questions are raciss, but I would like an answer anyway.


    They are obviously desperate for money.
    I have an idea.
    Sell Obama urinal stickers.
    Improves the aim, and keeps the floor cleaner.
    Jane Fonda stickers worked really well for the military.

  • Martin M. McMartin

    Reblogged this on Disrupt the Narrative and commented:
    Just found this gem of a post from Diary of a Mad Conservative

  • Freedom, by the way

    I went on that site yesterday. Emily Post is rolling in her grave. A move like that is tasteless anytime but in light of today’s economic woes, daring to suggest that Obama needs money more than a couple getting married, more than a teen saving for college….ARGH!
    However, I would suggest to anyone looking to rid themselves of the burden of relationships and social invitations, just give a few Obamqa donations in lieu of gifts–the invites will dry up quickly.

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