Great ad! Stay Ignorant, My friends.


6 responses to “Great ad! Stay Ignorant, My friends.


    Most arrogant man in the world Huh ?
    Roxy go see the Drudge Report, middle column, where weasel zippers have ferreted out the Obama’s asking married couples to forgo their wedding gifts and instead donate to the Obama campaign.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

    How desperate, or greedy, do these people have to be until the American People realize what they are ?
    How stupid do they think we are ?

  • righthook38

    That was awesome. I like that line about Biden too…very funny. Great find!

  • Freedom, by the way

    You’re ahead of the curve! I love that line “He chose Biden to be his Vice-President just to prove he didn’t need one.” LOL

  • roxannadanna

    Dammit! I beat Greta to this ad and she just showed it on her program! LOL

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