If you’re really honest with yourself – ARE you better off now?

“39 percent”

— Decline in the median net worth of American families since 2009 – from $126,400 to $77,300 – according to a new report from the Federal Reserve. The drop set the nation back two decades in wealth accumulation.

I know we’re not not better off since Obama took office. He says the private sector is “doing fine.” The private sector in my house is not doing fine.
It’s scary. Two decades of wealth wiped out. And who thinks this will get better with an unchecked Obama second term? The overwhelming, unending spending that he is determined to cram through will set us back even further.
Let’s keep in mind this is not necessarily about more taxes or more stupid investments (like Solyndra, et al.) Every new regulation from his EPA or his NLRB causes more expense on small businesses and family farms. When those expenses increase, that increase is passed on to the consumer — YOU AND ME.  Your family and mine. That’s how business works.
There are now calls for an increase in the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.
Number 1 – who’s going to hire new employees with this increase? How is this going to solve our unemployment dilemma? uhhhh …. it’s not. If anything, it’s going to make it worse.
Number 2 – who’s going to pay those wages? Again, you increase the minimum wage and that cost is — you got it — passed on to the consumer! The price of goods and services will HAVE to go up.
When the prices go up, the amount of wealth we can acquire (money we can save) takes a dive. Also, keep in mind that wealth also means investment in our homes, for those of us who have homes. For most of us, our home value is now in the crapper.
Lest we forget:
He’s telling our adversaries that when he’s re-elected, he’ll be able to do more for them. Not more for us…. more for them. He’ll be unchecked in his second term and his priorities are not what’s best for America or our allies. His priorities will be trying to make friends with our enemies.  America and Americans are not his priority. Obama is holding us back and down and under the control of his big government utopia.
His marxist ideology is the only priority that propels him — FORWARD.

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