Jonah Goldberg – Obama in search of a surrogate

Jonah Goldberg/NationalReview:

It’s a fascinating weakness of this presidency: Obama has no reliable surrogates. Joe Biden is the vice president, and 90 percent of his job description is to be a carnival barker for his boss. But, particularly since Biden forced the president’s hand on gay marriage, it’s apparently dawned on the White House that Biden is less than dependable as a wingman. Sure, he might begin a statement by saying, “This president saved us from another Great Depression.” But you never know if he’ll finish by adding, “My neighbor has three rabbits,” or, “These are not my pants.”

The president has tried to be his own surrogate, personally going on the attack against Romney. But all that does is remind voters that Obama doesn’t want to talk about his own record — and further diminishes his tattered bipartisan brand.

That’s probably one reason they tried out David Axelrod as an anti-Romney hatchet man in Boston the other week. But you know your audition as Obama pitch man hasn’t gone well when 90 percent of the media coverage boils down to either stories about how you were booed by Romney supporters, or stories about how everyone’s asking, “What meth-head thought Axelrod would be a good surrogate?”


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    I used to enjoy the TV show ‘A Team’.
    George Pepard played Hannibal Smith who stated that ” I love it when a plan comes together.”

    Common sense is beginning to raise it’s beautiful head in this country.
    What a plan !

  • righthook38

    Looks like the Obama administration is in full meltdown. Last week was a very bad week for them, between the loss in WI, Clinton undermining him at every turn, and Obama’s own comment that the private sector is doing fine. What a dope…. Looks like this entire sham of an administration is about to unravel.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Very amusing to see them scramble. The obama campaign is becoming a bit of a joke.Even Jon Stewart jumped in last week with MSNBC’s whiney, unbelievable coverage of the WI recall race. Making fun of someone saying it was “good for Obama”.
    Hmm…can’t rely on Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, Howard Dean, Bill Clinton is barely convincing that he even wants Obama re-elected. Maybe they can recruit some Hollywood talent. Beliveable, huh?

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