Times have changed. We don’t need unions anymore.

From forAmerica.org:

Yea yea I know – thank the unions for the 40 hour week and the 5day week, yadda yadda yadda. That’s old news.

We now have OSHA (God forbid) and the NLRB (even worse) to protect workers. We have laws that protect workers, and the unions no longer serve any – ANY – purpose short of lining the union bosses pockets and electing other cronies with their huge member paid-for treasure chest.

Union members make 27% more than the average private sector employee and they want that private sector worker to pay for their union benefits.

Is this part of “paying their fair share” Mr. Obama? I don’t think so, and I think most Americans, as well as those in Wisconsin, agree with me.




11 responses to “Times have changed. We don’t need unions anymore.

  • pvblivs

         The lack of dissent suggests that you might be censoring comments. But I will try anyway.

    • roxannadanna

      You can try all you like but if you had taken the time to read my “about” page you would know that I’m not interested in dissenting opinions. I go to other places to debate with unlike minded people. At this site, MY SITE, I choose what I want to talk about and who I want to talk to.

      But thanks for the attempt.

  • X

    Unions have no value today other than promote a weak work force

  • John

    In the past, unions were needed because lawyers were scarce. Now, lawyers are plentiful…too plentiful. So, what’s the point of a union? There are trial lawyers galore to address every real and contrived grievance of the worker. Unions are or should be headed toward extinction. The sooner, the better. Next stop, trial lawyers.


    The fiscal conservatives in Wisconsin have sent a message to the unions and the Marxist in the White House.
    ” Don’t Tread On Me.”
    It appears that We the People are awake and are now willing to engage the people that are blatantly tearing our Country apart from within.

    The Wisconsin election was a battle that we won, however, the war is still on the horizon.
    We can’t afford to let our guard down now.
    Ever on into the fray.

    Great post Roxy !

  • bunkerville

    Going Going….almost gone or at least pretty much powerless.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    They have gone Marxist, haven’t they?

  • Freedom, by the way

    Yeah, unions sound like social injustice to me!

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