The president who’s still ‘finding himself’ – on our dime

[Obama’s New York  composite girlfriend Genevieve] Cook told Maraniss that she thought Obama’s desire to “play out a superhero life” was “a very strong archetype in his personality.”

But superheroes and mythic figures must boldly lead. Obama’s caution — ingrained from a life of being deserted by his father and sometimes his mother, and of being, as he wrote to another girlfriend, “caught without a class, a structure, or tradition to support me” — has restrained him at times.

In some ways, he’s still finding himself, too absorbed to see what’s not working. But the White House is a very hard place to go on a vision quest, especially with a storm brewing.

Reading Maureen Dowd in the Times today was interesting but who cares?

What most Americans care about is their own, and their families, dilemma and destiny.  I’m pretty sure that no one elected this man so he could continue to ‘find himself’ in the WH. We want surefooted leaders – leaders with both feet on the ground and a fairly complete understanding of what is happening in the world. Obama has put himself in the clouds – distancing himself from all crisis – above us all and looking down his nose at everyone. He’s surrounded himself with academics who know everything from textbooks but know nothing of real hard private sector work.

Americans don’t want to psychoanalyze this president. They don’t have time for this crap and they. don’t. care.

They want jobs, a safe and better future for their kids and a leader who puts that in the front of his mind – not his quest to find himself or his next golf game or scout out the next vacation site for Michelle.

And all on the taxpayers dime.


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