Oh Alec Baldwin, you’re such a knuclehead

Food is a drug. At least in the way it is marketed today, which is significantly different from when I grew up. As a child, sweets were referred to as “treats,” and were dispensed far more judiciously than they are today. The proliferation of fast food restaurants that serve high fat, high sugar meals, as well as places like Dunkin Donuts, which are simply sugar dispensaries, has evolved as well.

Food is a drug? Here comes the FDA to regulate our sugar and sodium intake – watch out fellow Americans! Pretty soon they will be flying drones over our homes and taking notes to see what we’re eating. 

Why can’t people *cough Marxists cough* like you and Bloomberg believe parents have some common sense when it comes to feeding their kids? And furthermore, who in this country can afford one (or more) meal a day for a family of 4 at McDonalds? Good Lord! Have any of you gone there (or any other fast food place) for dinner once in the last couple of months?

What proliferation of fast food chains and Dunkin Donuts? There are no more or less than there were when I was a teenager.

A quarter-pound hamburger with cheese, fries and a Coke was what you had after playing in a football game. And typically once a week. Gatorade, the granddaddy of sports drinks, was gulped on the gridiron or diamond or basketball court during a game. You didn’t eat those meals or drink those beverages everyday.

And who says we are eating those meals daily? Again, who says WE CAN AFFORD THIS? Can you give no credit to Americans for some amount of common sense?

I recently lost over 30 pounds by giving up the lion’s share of refined sugar in my diet and reducing my intake of pasta, rice and bread. I switched to almond milk and have reduced my dairy consumption significantly.

Ha! I’m laughing myself silly. Almond milk? Well you may be able to afford almond milk but as a family, most of us cannot. My son drinks almond milk but then, he’s only supporting himself and can afford to do that. Put 2 or 3 more mouths to feed at his table and we’ll see the almond milk go bye-bye in quick order.

In short, all I can say to Alec Baldwin is stick to acting and shut the hell up. You’re so out of touch with typical Americans, it’s not even worth debating you on any topic.


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