Chris Hayes defines Heroism

Much has been written in the last couple days about Chris Hayes and his, for lack of a better word – stupid comments on MSNBC. According to Hayes heroism is about taking a bullet for or falling on a grenade to save fellow soldiers.

I don’t want to obviously desecrate or disrespect memory of anyone that’s fallen, and obviously there are individual circumstances in which there is genuine, tremendous heroism: hail of gunfire, rescuing fellow soldiers and things like that.


No question that is a definition of heroism. But to all those soldiers who have volunteered – let me impress on the reader the word VOLUNTEERED – to serve our nation, regardless of the station they are serving, heroism is just that – VOLUNTEERING.

They joined of their own free will to put service to this nation above everything else. Those soldiers volunteered to protect our Constitution and our nation. Whether they are serving as a tuba player in a USMC Band or on the front lines in Afghanistan, those people are all heros to me.  They have volunteered to do a job that I am not brave enough to do. Hell, boot camp alone is a task I was and am too cowardly to do.

They have chosen to do a job that Chris Hayes is too cowardly to do.

Those soldiers are doing the job so that insipient, Ivy League ingrates like Chris Hayes can expound on television about what a hero is or is not… AND THINGS LIKE THAT.

Shame on Chris Hayes and MSNBC.

And thank you to my HEROS – my husband, my father, my brother and my brother-in-law for serving and VOLUNTEERING to defend me, this nation and our Constitution.




28 responses to “Chris Hayes defines Heroism

  • roxannadanna

    You know what, AFVET — I gave him lots of chances to make a cogent argument and the only thing he came up with (aside from invoking Godwin’s Law and calling me a Nazi) was trying to compare my opinion that our servicemen and women are heros with Lt. Calley. Oh come on! Seriously? That’s the best argument he could come up with? LOL


  • LanceThruster

    Conservatives do not do nuance. Everything he said was defensible. If you really felt the way you claim, there’d be lines around the recruitment centers. Instead, you offer the obligatory “thank you for your service” as you cut benefits and rehabilitation programs.

    • roxannadanna

      Did you serve?

      • LanceThruster

        Though I became draft age in ’75 and actually toyed with the idea of enlisting (feeling if military service could ever be considered “safe”, that would not be too bad a time to serve), but knew I would have to take the oath and commitment seriously and did not trust the government to refrain from ordering me to kill people that did not deserve killing.

        My friend’s son was with Marines 1/5 for the fall of Baghdad. At his welcome home celebration, I asked him about his experiences in a combat zone. The first words out of his mouth to me were, “We killed people for no reason” and went on to describe some of the things he did as per the ROE as well some of the things he saw. The descriptions were enough to make me a bit queasy, as well as ponder what it might do to the person who actually witnessed them. He’s since been diagnosed with PTSD but for some BS reason is denied disability because of whatever arbitrary % the VA assigns his condition.

        Will Munny: It’s a hell of a thing, killing a man. Take away all he’s got and all he’s ever gonna have. ~ Unforgiven

        “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.” – George Washington

        • roxannadanna

          That’s a very sad story and I’m sorry for your friend’s son.

          I don’t know why you came here and accused me of some phoney “thank you for your service” comment and then indirectly accuse me (and other conservatives) of advocating for the reduction of VA benefits. As I recall, it was Obama who wanted to force the servicemen and women into paying for their health care… or have you forgotten that?

          I have family who were military and the last thing I want to see is any of them have their benefits cut. In fact, I’m pretty sure that every single conservative who posts here feels as I do.

          I’m also very sorry that you have such a hate-on for conservatives.

          This was your 15 minutes of fame on my blog, Lance.

          So long,

  • James D. Bast

    I served 3 Years in the 82nd ABN. Div. ! I do not consider myself a Hrero , even though 13 months of thise 3 Yrs. were in another country ! I consider all those Great service people who went to another country to Fight for this Country , HEROS !

    • roxannadanna

      You have a different perspective than I do. My husband feels similar to you in that he was in Germany for his tour and it was post Viet Nam so he never saw any combat or stuff like that. But my perspective is that anyone who volunteers to go (including draftees) are heros willing to do jobs that I could never be brave enough to do.
      Thank you and all others for your service!

  • nooneofanyimport

    The brits have a good term for a guy like Hayes: ponce. You hit the nail on the head: the mere act of signing up to serve makes you a hero, and unless you do something later like Bradley Manning or Hasan did, then you remain a hero whether you ever had to dodge a bullet or not.

    The Worm posted about the whole “rhetorically proximate” part of his quote, which is also right on target.


  • Laurinda Conyers

    Your fake outrage is laughable. The republicans are war mongers that all in this current crop with the exception of McCain are all cowards. Bush, Cheney, Romney, Limbaugh all fled instead of serving. To pick on an intellectual like Chris Hayes, who didn’t hurt anyone shows how pathetic you are and reinforced my decision to never vote for a lying coward republican. My whole family also served. And?


    We the People that volunteered signed our name and took an oath to defend and protect the United States of America and our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.
    Even the ones that were drafted during the conflicts and served are to be recognized as heroes, maybe more so than the ones that volunteered.
    That would include WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam.
    The ones that ran from their Country are not heroes, they are cowards.

    By signing your name and taking that oath these people told the Country that they are willing to die for Her.

    I got off a bus on Lackland AFB in Texas and the DI called all of us words that I had never heard before.
    Just 18, and fresh out of high school.
    You grow up quickly.
    Welcome to basic training.
    I would do it again in a heartbeat.
    Best thing that ever happened to me.

    It was my pleasure to have served this Country.

    • roxannadanna

      Yes, you’re right. The draftees are heros too and I sure didn’t mean to insinuate they are not. They volunteered also – they could have gone to Canada and dodged but they chose to stay and serve.

  • Fred

    I agree, what an ingrate… Let’s “draft” him into the service, send him over seas, and see how courageous he is! Perhaps then he might understand what it means to serve your country so others may be free.

  • bunkerville

    Next generation of those who understand nothing and think they know everything.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Chris Hayes is symbolic of what has gone wrong with this country.

    • roxannadanna

      Boy you said it! Ivy League ingrate!

    • AFVET

      However, one might say that our beloved active troops are still what is right with this Country.
      Chris Hayes is just a puss with a microphone.
      Nothing more than a fly to be swatted away on a hot summer day.

      • Freedom, by the way

        He was on MSNBC. Enough said.

      • roxannadanna

        Yes and honestly, we prefer it that way. If I wanted to engage with libs/leftists/marxists, I’d be on those blogs. I don’t want to talk to you or your kind because you’re mean spirited people.
        But thanks for playing!


        • LanceThruster

          I found it funny that they were discussing God in American life, and poured out the vitriol (liberal A-hole). Not very Christ-like, nu?

          • roxannadanna

            I’m not going to address anything that happened on another blog that I was not privy to.

            The bottom line is that people with your ideology hate conservatives and hate that we exercise our freedom of speech. Anyone who doesn’t toe your line, is silenced, whether it’s by boycott (ie Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al) or by shouting us down and name calling on blogs or political forums. And you know, you do it to your own a well. As soon as on of them goes off the reservation, they are condemned by the left.

            That’s not how conservative work. We don’t all agree here. There are times I don’t agree with many of those who I consider my friends – I’m not a birth certificate conspiracy theorist for example. But we don’t shut each other up for disagreeing on issues and rarely does it affect our friendships. Your people chill out descent.

            Not to mention again that your kind is mean spirited and hateful of conservatives.

            • LanceThruster

              You seem the textbook example of “the 180 rule” (i.e. accusing the other side of the tactics your own side regularly uses – think Sean Hannity whining about mean-spirited dems).

              I wade into whatever discussion I feel I have something to offer, whether in agreement or in opposition. I followed some links from blogs I was banned from. These good Christians were telling me if I didn’t like the government’s pronouncements on God, then I could get the h3ll out. They pulled the plug only because I had the “nerve” to make a counter-argument.

              Thank you for my 16 minutes of fame. Reich wingers claim to “love” America, they just hate about half of the US population. I do not have a problem with principled conservatives, it’s just that they seem to be a dying breed.

              • roxannadanna

                According to some people, I’m “a textbook” lottta things. and one of those is sometimes being too indulgent to people who come here and end up insulting me and those I consider my friends.

                You’re done insulting me with crap like “Reich wingers.” What’s Godwin’s law? How long before an online debate results into Nazi name calling? You did that pal – not me.

                Shame on you for comparing someone you don’t know at all, a fellow American, with the Third Reich.

                Now you’ve done it and now you’re done.

              • roxannadanna

                And by the way, I’ve given you ample opportunity for reasonable and intelligent debate and this is the best you can do? Name calling?

                Your next post, if there is one, will be trashed.

                • AFVET

                  Roxy,…you are a text book Patriot Gal ! 😀
                  The Mad Jewess would have skewered him.
                  She just did one over on Cry and Howl.
                  These critters will continue to crawl into the conservative websites. Their lack of intelligence always gives them away.
                  Sometimes they’re fun to play with. 🙂

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