Why shy away from a law that prevents Sharia?

Turn the tables here: isn’t Sharia law discriminatory against the U.S. Constitution? So why is it wrong to pass a law that prevents Sharia or any other international law to circumvent or trump the already existing laws of our land?

CAIR is going to take the governor of Kansas to court because they think is law is discriminatory.

[Governor] Brownback’s office notified the state Senate of his decision Friday, but he actually signed the measure Monday. The governor’s spokeswoman, Sherriene Jones-Sontag, said in a statement that the bill “makes it clear that Kansas courts will rely exclusively on the laws of our state and our nation when deciding cases and will not consider the laws of foreign jurisdictions.”

I don’t see why this is offensive to anyone. The governor is doing what he swore to do: uphold and protect the Constitution. Those in the state legislature are doing what they swore to do. There is no reason whatsoever to be ashamed of this or to worry about offending a certain segment of this country. Those who support and promote Sharia should be considering that it offends US.
The Catholic Church does not recognize divorce or abortion, for that matter. Does that mean that every state in this nation should have to recognize what the Vatican says is law?  Sharia law approves abhorrent treatment of women and gays, so why is the left (the self proclaimed champion of women and gay rights) so anxious to recognize this in America? Let’s go on the offense and ask the left why they hate women and gays so much?
After 230+ years, our Constitution has served us well. This movement toward international law and Sharia is dangerous to our nation and to our system of government, not to mention our entire society.

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