Quote of the day – J.E. Dyer

Man can govern himself.  He has to do it it carefully and sparingly.  It is outside of the ministrations of government that he develops character and self-discipline.  The less he is governed from without, the better he does in terms of work, saving, providing for himself and his family, using ingenuity, showing compassion to those in distress, and uniting with his fellows in the community to make it better.

Will everyone do exactly this, and in exactly the way each and every one of us would like, if the burden of government is light?  Of course not.  But the great majority of people will perform admirably, and will be free to help those who don’t.  The Framers believed that, and so do I.  And if America’s history demonstrates anything, it is that we are right.


The Framers’ solution is the correct one:  have less government.  Walk back from it step by step, if necessary.  Protect the vulnerable who would be hurt if it were done carelessly (e.g., seniors relying on the entitlement programs).  But get it done.  This, right here, is the argument we need to be having.  The answer is right before the noses of the American people.  But we do need “conservatives” who know how to frame the question J.E.Dyer/HotAir.com


5 responses to “Quote of the day – J.E. Dyer

  • bunkerville

    Actions have consequences, or so I was taught. Not so much anymore. Good one.

  • Bobby Smith

    So well said! I’m such a believer in the U.S. Constitution. Our founding forefathers were heros & geniuses!
    They wrote an amazing declaration & showed such bravery & virtue, considering the trials they dealt with from the Redcoats.
    Thank goodness that England is now our Ally, not our enemy no more. That’s a great thing.
    And so is Israel. I like the fact that you have that logo, Stand Up For Israel on your blog. Also a great thing.

    I actually went to see a rally at the state capitol in Hartford, Connecticut, last July, where a speaker from West Haven was talking about all the struggles the nation of Israel was getting put through, including bombings occurring in highly populated areas!
    Right about the time the speaker for Stand Up for Israel mentioned the bombing, this state aide from Senator McM**** went right up to the man speaking at the podium & literally started to brow-beat him and harass & intimidate him!
    It was shocking! The man, was so stressed out by it, he started to apologize right & left, though he had NO need to apologize at all!
    The right to Freedom of Speech is STILL one of our American rights, but beware of the state of Connecticut now. It’s sadly become one of the most corrupt states in our land!
    To think our founding forefathers, including Nathan Hale, actually gave his life, at age 21, no less, to keep our freedoms alive, is a sad state of affairs in a state where our freedoms are basically eroding quickly on a daily basis!
    I don’t want to go down that road again, where we’re constantly being badgered, interrogated, not allowed our basic civil rights, but it’s happening at an alarming rate in Connecticut, and it seems other states too!
    I’m a conservative too, though I never used to be! But the group of people who now consider themselves “liberals”, are certainly not liberal at all! They don’t allow liberty for many people in our country, and it’s an outrage!
    I’m guessing if this situation continues in our nation, there’s going to be so many riots in the streets, that it will make the 1960s look like paradise!
    Do you remember all the riots that occurred during the 1960s?

    • roxannadanna

      That story about the Israeli speaker is despicable. Liberals determine what is hate speech and what is acceptable. But we have to stand up to this and put a stop to it.

      Mentioning Nathan Hale makes me wonder how many of us would be as strong and brave as he and our founding Fathers were. I’m afraid we will have to be and sooner than we think.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Love this, Roxy. Great find. So I suppose the opposite holds true, as well. When confined by the government, character and discipline suffer. We see the evidence of that today.

    • Bobby Smith

      I agree with you… Freedom, by the way.. These are very trying times!
      the freedoms we once enjoyed & reveled in, seem to be an old memory! Life is so restrictive, not just for the kids in school now, but for the adults too!
      And we pay SO much to our government officials, who are supposed to be looking out for US, not THEM!
      How does that make any sense whatsoever?

      I’d love to work for the Department of Justice to ensure that the state & local government ACTUALLY follow the U.S. Constitution, not just PRETEND to!

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