Changing your history to fit your political life

Don’t you find it interesting the comparison between Elizabeth Warren and Obama’s claims to minority status when it suits their purposes?

Warren claimed to be 1/32 Cherokee on her Harvard and University of Penn job applications and still stands by that, while  Obama claimed to be the first “Africa-American and Kenyan born” president of Harvard Law Review.

Warren added a recipe to the Pow Wow Chow cookbook so that has to verify her lineage to the Cherokee nation.

When it serves them politically, they change or add to their heritage.

It makes you wonder who paid for Obama’s education and how he got it. Did he apply as a “foreign student – as Kenyan born”? Did he apply as a black American student? Did he benefit from affirmative action? Did he benefit from connections of the communist Frank Marshall Davis, who I happen to believe is his REAL  father? (Compare the photos of all three of them – his so-called Kenyan father, Obama and Davis – and take note of the hairlines, alone.)

When Obama began his political career in Chicago, he joined a church, and not just any church – the most popular church in Chicago’s south side. The same church that Oprah attended. A church that fit his marxist world view. And a church that would promise him the black votes he would need.

When did he go from Barry to Barack? Why did he go from Barack Obama to Barack HUSSEIN Obama after the election? Why were we forbidden to add his middle name when discussing him?

We know he has a half brother in Kenya living in a 6ft square hut and an aunt who has been on government assistance in the U.S. We know that Obama has done virtually nothing for either of them.

His story changes, his narrative changes when it suits his political purposes. He’s always had a history of this – from as far back as anyone can uncover. Obama is calculating in the amount of information he allows to be released; how and when it’s released.

We know more about Mitt Romney, his family, his background, his religion, his high school days and I’m sure soon, about his college days.

And still 3 years into this regime, we know almost nothing about Obama. What we do know is that he is half white and that’s a family history that he wants nothing to do with.



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