Maybe Biden isn’t quite that stupid, after all

Major Garrett (previously of Fox fame) has written an excellent blog about Joe Biden and the Obama campaign.  Hasn’t anyone wondered why Obama has kept Joe in the second chair when he goes out and says such (supposedly) stupid things? I know I have.  And now Major has a good argument why he’s still there.  Maybe Biden’s stupid (and crazy) like a fox.

This is rich:

Joe Biden did it again.

He walked for two days into a fusillade of ridicule and speculation that he wandered off the reservation and drove the finely crafted and “evolving” White House policy on same-sex marriage into the ditch.

In fact, Biden cleared the path for President Obama to declare to ABC’s Robin Roberts that he now supports gay marriage. Biden set in motion a three-day saga that dominated the political air space.

In the zero-sum world of what’s likely to be an airtight campaign, any day Obama can redirect the national conversation away from the economy is a good day in Chicago and a bad day in Boston. Romney can’t get back the last three days and will probably lose most of Thursday in the analytical aftermath of Obama’s embrace of gay marriage.

It may sound cynical, but this math is real. The focus on gay marriage allowed Obama to speak to a key voting bloc, one that also punches well above its weight in terms of campaign dollars. Obama’s recipe for reelection is melding motivated constituencies. This isn’t 2008 and waves of enthusiasm. This is micro-targeting and constituent corralling. In the gay community and among those sympathetic to its agenda, Obama has earned their energy, votes, and dollars….


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