Che is here to stay – in the Reno airport

Why this story is relegated to the Fox Latino section is a mystery to me. It’s important to all Americans.

To begin with, this is not original art. This portrait of Che is all over the place – it’s been on t-shirts and posters for years. The only thing semi-original is the word “Revolucion.” I also agree with the 71 year old Cuban-American man who said that this painting is akin to Osama bin Laden with the word “jihad” on it. Wouldn’t any one find that in bad taste, not to mention horribly offensive?

Guevara was a medical doctor before he fell in with Castro and his revolution. Isn’t that amazing? And he participated – either personally or by orders –  in the murder of hundreds of Cubans. How anyone can find this homicidal sociopath a hero, is beyond me.


7 responses to “Che is here to stay – in the Reno airport

  • bydesign001

    Used to receive an email from a useless/useful idiot who goes by the name of Antonia, a supposedly rather intelligent Black woman. Antonia was always quoting freaking Mao Tse Tung and Guevara and demanding bailouts.

    She intentionally cc’d me along with thirty other folk despite her awareness of how I felt about Communism and these murderers and thieves. I suspect her intent was to get a response out of me thus baiting me into a response that would unleash 29 other responses.

    How did I get rid of Antonia? Facts, facts, facts, history and the truth thus embarrassing anyone who supported Mao and Che. Of course, she tried to come back once or twice always hollering about how racist the right was, yada, yada, yada but then I’d remind her how Che hated jazz, black folks and how painful her end and the end of her loved ones would have been under a Guevara or Mao regime.

    Antonia’s response, I suspect, SPEECHLESS.

    Great post Roxy.

    • roxannadanna

      I tell ya D, these people just won’t face reality or facts. Jonah Goldberg has a new book out about liberal lies and liars – sounds like something I’d like to read. They deny facts to everyone including themselves while they boast how they rely on scientific methods to come to deductions. Liars.

  • roxannadanna

    Indeed. I don’t understand anyone thinking he’s cool or heroic. He was sadistic and cowardly.

    • AFVET

      Glenn Becks radio show today had a reporter asking COLLEGE STUDENTS who Hitler was.
      Most of them had no idea.
      One said, Oh I think he was German.
      What the hell happened to our High Schools ????
      God Help US.

      • bydesign001

        Howdy AFVET,

        What a disaster and an embarrassment but should we be surprised that history is clearly about to repeat itself?

        These useful idiots who think they know everything know nothing and may prove to be the stupidest (hate to use that term but what else can I say) generation in the history of the United States. And getting dumber.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Disgusting! How can a murdering tyrant be anyone’s hero?

    • bydesign001

      Ignorance. They receive their education at the hands of Marxists. Correction, indoctrination. And from the movies who are produced by Marxists who glorify these slugs.

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