Daily Archives: May 6, 2012

Che is here to stay – in the Reno airport

Why this story is relegated to the Fox Latino section is a mystery to me. It’s important to all Americans.

To begin with, this is not original art. This portrait of Che is all over the place – it’s been on t-shirts and posters for years. The only thing semi-original is the word “Revolucion.” I also agree with the 71 year old Cuban-American man who said that this painting is akin to Osama bin Laden with the word “jihad” on it. Wouldn’t any one find that in bad taste, not to mention horribly offensive?

Guevara was a medical doctor before he fell in with Castro and his revolution. Isn’t that amazing? And he participated – either personally or by orders –  in the murder of hundreds of Cubans. How anyone can find this homicidal sociopath a hero, is beyond me.


Quote of the day – Bernard Goldberg

Four years ago, Mr. Obama rode into Washington on that magic carpet of hopes and dreams.  Now he’s at the wheel of a garbage truck. Because now he understands that a lot of the people who swooned over him then, aren’t swooning so much today.   So he has to energize them.  And what better way than sowing seeds of resentment?  Now, the president who was going to bring us together in post-partisan America, just wants to win re-election.  And if he has to throw his lofty principles under the bus and turn Americans against each other in the process, so be it.  A small price, he figures, for such an important accomplishment. Bernard Goldberg