New meaning to Obama’s hot mic moment with the Russians

Remember this:

Keep it in mind as you read on.

“Batteries made in America for America and backed by America. That’s how politicians hailed Ener1.”  Specifically that’s how Biden hailed the firm.

And now it’s made news that a Russian, Boris Zingarevich with close ties to Putin and Medvedev, has purchased Ener1, a US battery firm.

The company tapped the country’s top scientists at Argonne National Lab in Illinois, and U.S. taxpayers pledged up to $118 million in federal stimulus funds and $80 million in state and local incentives to help Ener1 produce cutting-edge battery technology for electric cars and the U.S. military.

Boris Zingarevich made his name and his fortune in the 90’s by owning a Russian paper company, and then mysteriously, all his rivals were murdered or suffered from arson attacks.  This is the businessman who has come to America.

The Chicago Tribune has a must read article on this. There are so many twists and turns in this story that injure America, it would take me all day to write a blog. And indeed, there is potential for several blogs in it.

Suffice it to say that the ramifications of this business deal are frightening and it gives new meaning to Obama’s hot mic moment with Medvedev.


7 responses to “New meaning to Obama’s hot mic moment with the Russians

  • Trinnity

    Obama is scary dangerous. He’s GOT to be voted OUT.
    We can’t afford another four and and half years of him.

  • wdednh

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  • wdednh

    Hi, Great post, and thank you so much for the follow 🙂

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Our country is being run by a bunch of inept clowns and all Americans are paying the price. Why are American tav dollars being used to give loans to companys with foreign ownership in the first palce. Remember Fisk, which built their electric car company in Finland. It’s hard to know if there were national security issues here, The pentagon and the Navy don’t seem to be concerned. But ther could have been because nobody was paying attention. What caught my eye in the story was this technology was very good and cost competetive for storing energy on the grid. That means to me that they had a ready market in wind farms, which the US has had many since at least the early 1980s. One of the reasons electricty cost are so high is that utility companies rhat take energy from wind farms (they don’t have a choice) must maintain conventional power generation capacity for 100% of their peak load because they never know for sure how much energy the grid will get from the wind farms. If wind farms could store the energy they produce and then feed it into the grid at a constant rate, the utility companies wouldn’t have to have so much conventional capcity and we would have lower electric tarrifs.

    Inept clowms, Roxy. Inept clowns!

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