Compare and contrast

What do you think when you see these 2 photos? And then remember what Obama said about scouting out vacation sites to bring Michelle to…

(H/t to my good Texan friend, SmartMouthWoman for these.)


5 responses to “Compare and contrast

  • nooneofanyimport

    sacrifice is for the little people, it seems


    I think that this is what happens when ignorant people vote.
    I cannot recall Condi Rice behaving like that.
    My my, just look at what we have become.
    Simply deplorable.
    An embarrassment to say the least.

    • roxannadanna

      She’s out dancing and boozing and he’s talking about taking vacations with Michelle. In fact, he said that one of his jobs when he goes to these kinds of international events, is to scope out vacation sites to take her on.

      And we have men and women risking their lives for them???

      This is deplorable!

      • AFVET

        “Let them eat cake” !
        Ben Franklin replied when asked, “what have you given us Dr. Franklin ?”
        A republic,..if you can keep it.
        Now is the time to make a bold attempt to make Franklin
        The Country’s future depends on it.
        29 weeks till the election.

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