The Blame Game – it’s endemic in the Democrat/Socialist party

Mayor Rahm Emanuel went on the defensive Thursday about a surge of recent homicides in Chicago and questioned why new law enforcement tactics hadn’t been created before he was elected 10 months ago.

“You can say, ‘Are you doing it right,'” Emanuel said, “but the question is, ‘Why were those policies not done before?'”

Between the start of 2012 and April 1, Chicago Police recorded 120 homicides, a 60 percent spike over the 75 murders during the same period in 2010 and 2011.   Source:

Sound familiar? Blame the guy before you for the mess you are in now.  It’s been Blame Bush since the inauguration of TheOne and he’s still doing it. This is just the latest stupid Blame Bush example:
The GSA wastes hundreds of millions of tax dollars and the Obama regime blames Bush.
Now Emanuel is blaming Daly for the crime in Chicago. And crime is up in Chicago since Emanuel took office.  These guys can’t take responsibility for their own regimes. If nothing has really changed in Chicago (regarding the police and crime prevention), why has crime risen by 60% in the first 4 months of this year?  What’s different that more people are behaving in criminal ways?
Could the current mayor have anything to do with that?

6 responses to “The Blame Game – it’s endemic in the Democrat/Socialist party

  • bydesign001

    Good one Roxy.

    Democrats do not give a hoot about crime. They only pretend to. If Chicago REALLY, TRULY wanted to solve the gun violence, they would vote Giuliani into office and let him bring along William Bratton.

    Most New Yorkers were up in arms with Giuliani because he hit NYC like a drill sargeant but those drill sargeants whipped NYC into shape, got the gangs off the streets and decreased crime tenfold.

    I despise the police state but Chicago could use a heck of a lot of tough love right now.

    (P.S. Just emailed you.)



    Hey Roxy,…go see votingamerican and see what Patton thinks.
    Sam did a great job on this one.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Well said, Roxey. I read an article from the Chicgo Sun the other day that suggest that Rham Emanual is planning a run for the Presidency in 2016. So maybe he is just practicing his blame game.

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