Why Alinsky’s Rules will never fail the far left

Team Obama has seized on the Democrats’ allegations of a “war on women,” waged by both Republican and Catholic grandees against federal subsidies of birth control. For the first time since the campaign of John F. Kennedy a half-century ago, the role of the Catholic Church in politics is suddenly a landmark issue.


Suddenly, after the Trayvon Martin tragedy and what may prove to be murderous white vigilantism in Oklahoma, race again looms large. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have weighed in often on that issue. The former castigated police for acting “stupidly” in one incident, and more recently reminded the nation of the racial affinities between himself and Trayvon Martin. The latter blasted the nation’s reluctance to discuss race as cowardly, and alleged racial bias among his own congressional overseers. Race is always an explosive wedge issue.  Victor Davis Hanson


According to Rules for Radicals, there has to be a cause to fight for.

As long as there are women and races, there will always be a cause for the far left. Wars will come and go, oil spills will happen and then fade away, but there will always be women and race for them to supposedly champion. The problem is that these 2 major constituencies are nothing more than useful idiots to the left. They trot them out only when they have no other cause to beat their “enemies” over the head with and use them to cheerlead the base. Otherwise, blacks and women are left out in the cold.

A great majority of them will never wake up to being used by the extreme left.  Obama has no record to run on and he knows it, hence the so-called “war on women” and the spectacle of Trayvon Marin.

But just to be clear, why has Obama (Holder, Sharpton, et al) not spoken on the February murder of 9 month old Delric Miller IV in Detroit at the hands of drive-by shooters? Answer: Because that murder does not fit the narrative they are trying to force on us – it’s black on black crime. Black on black crime is never, ever discussed as a problem.

I hope and pray that enough voters wake up this year and realize (especially if they are minorities or women) that they have been duped by this man and vote him out!

3 responses to “Why Alinsky’s Rules will never fail the far left


    The attacks have already commenced on the Romneys.
    Ann Romney is a breast cancer survivor and has been diagnosed with MS.
    She was a stay at home mom that raised 5 boys.
    The attacks ?
    She never held a job.
    Saul Alinsky tactics indeed.
    This is going to get nasty !
    Obama’s thugs will be relentless.

    Great post Roxy !

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