Daily Archives: April 5, 2012

Ann Coulter – Quote of the day

Anticipating nearly every form of government corruption, our framers specifically designed the Constitution to prevent tyranny. But they never imagined the perfidy of 20th-century liberals. (Probably because the framers didn’t have NBC.)

Ann Coulter/Human Events


Putting the cabosh on democrat cheaters at the polls

Does anyone really believe that poor democrats will stop shopping at WalMart?  Ah com’on.  WalMart saves the average American family over $2000 a year.  And one of the big reasons they can do that is they aren’t UNIONIZED! As for me and to show my support for WalMart, I’ll be shopping there even more, in spite of the tepid statement they released yesterday.

Coke, on the other hand, has never been a real favorite of mine and less so now. They caved in to this ridiculous boycott within 5 hours of the ACORN (and don’t think for a minute that – under a new name – they’re not behind this) announcement.

How do you argue against voter ID laws? You need ID to survive almost daily in this country, unless you live in a cabin in Montana, ride a bike and build bombs for entertainment. Oh wait, even the UnaBomber needed ID to buy bus and plane tickets to fly around and mail his bombs off…

The poor democrats that the left is complaining will be “harmed” by this law have to have ID to apply for welfare, for cryin’ out loud!

There is only one reason – only ONE – that the ACORN/Van Jones/marxist democrats are opposed to this: they can no longer cheat at the polls if the laws are enacted.