When is it a hate crime?

It’s an obvious hate crime when a WHITE  hispanic (whatever that is) kills a black teenager, but questionable when 6 black men beat a white restaurant patron.  Then it becomes no longer so obvious, right?

Police said their investigation determined that the victim [who happens to be white] was beat by the group of men [all of whom happen to be black] and the incident may have been racially motivated. The department said they forwarded the case to the FBI to determine if it should be pursued further as a hate crime under federal law.

Ah yes – do any of you really think that the government, under Holder, will try this as a hate crime? This is another. just like the Black Panther case, that will be thrown out. Holder’s civil rights division does not try his “own people.”


3 responses to “When is it a hate crime?

  • Freedom, by the way

    This is another reason why the Hate Crime legislation should never have become law. Why is it more a more henious crime if race is involved? If I’m beat up by a white, black, hispanic or asian, I’m still a victim and the person who did it is a criminal. A crime is a crime. Who cares if the motive is race or drugs or just plain evil. The whole race thing will NEVER go away as long as we have something called Hate Crimes.

    • roxannadanna

      Boy do you have that right, freedom! I can’t add or say anything better than your post already has.

      • AFVET

        Glenn Beck stated that during the St. Patrick Day weekend 49 people were shot in Chicago, 10 of whom died.
        The bias is indeed obvious.
        A five tear old girl was killed while she was sitting on her front porch.
        The ignorance of the uniformed people is being exacerbated because of the complicit and incompetent media.

        The media is the menace.
        Thank God for the internet, without it, we would be blind.

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