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Nevada’s solar collection plant that employs 5 …. for over $11million a job!

Every time I drive to Las Vegas, I drive by this solar collection plant.

In Boulder City, [NV] however, renewables have produced no lower energy costs. Instead, in late 2009, the city approved a 35 percent rate hike, while power generated by Copper Mountain is to go to Southern California — rather than serve Nevadans whose taxes helped finance the plant.

The solar energy is being sold by Sempra to California, which has mandated that 33 percent of the state’s energy must come from renewable sources by 2020.

Read more (and it’s short) here.

A closer look at the acres of solar panels.

5 fulltime employees is all they have. And the Nevada tax payers have subsidized this thing to see nothing in return! And they will never see their money returned on this either:

according to the U.S. Department of Energy, solar-PV energy will cost three and a half times more than energy from traditional sources such as coal.

This is nothing more than another Solyndra on a little smaller scale and Obama will  be there this week to “tout” his great alternative energy source – to an audience of 5, plus a gaggle of adoring reporters.

I’m going to do some digging later on because I believe that Harry Reid’s son (you might remember that he’s the one – Rory Reid – who ran for governor and never used his last name on one campaign poster)  has some interest in this company. Nevada received “$1Billion in stimulus funds” and it’s hard to believe that the Reid family didn’t benefit financially from this, in some form or another.  If I’m not mistaken, during Rory’s campaign it was uncovered that he did in fact, make some money off of this— but I could be wrong.

Quote of the day – John Stossel

It might seem reasonable for government to make life more fair. But when it takes your money and freedom trying to do that, life becomes less fair. Everyone is poorer and less free. As government grows, individual liberty shrinks. That’s not fair.

It might help if instead of talking about fairness, we talked about justice: respecting other people, their freedom and their honestly acquired belongings. Real fairness, or justice, requires limiting government power. That means the same rules for everyone. No special favors. No handouts. Or, in Frederic Bastiat’s phrase, no “legal plunder.”  John Stossel