Daily Archives: February 27, 2012

Oh darn! I missed the Oscars once again

I’m proud to say I skipped the Oscars tonight and opted instead for Masterpiece Theater and my 3rd viewing of the season finale of Downton Abbey. I confess to going online to see who was the worst and best dressed (according to critics that I agreed with only about 50% of the time.) I thought Sandra Bullock’s dress was outstanding and elegant and she made the worst dressed list. What do those guys know anyway?

Well, here’s who the guys in the know actually are:

Academy membership is far too male (77 percent), long in tooth (86 percent are older than 50) and much, much too white (94 percent!) to exert as much influence over American popular culture as it does.

Interesting isn’t it?

Here’s what I believe: Hollywood is not exerting that much influence over American culture anymore, especially middle (as in flyover) American culture. We’re on to them and their liberal/socialist/marxist/Obama ways. I’ve become an official movie boycotter (I know that’s not a word but whatever) for those very reasons. Why should I support an industry and “stars” who don’t support me and the nation and things I hold most dear?

Why should I pay to see anything Sean Penn is in while he’s off kissing up to the dictator of Venezuela? Or Matt Damen? Or George Clooney, who by the way is NOT all that good looking to me. I’ll never buy another Barbara Streisand CD again as long as I live.

And since I’m a movie boycotter, I haven’t seen any of the movies up for awards, anyway. I’ll wait until they come on HBO or Cinemax.

The only effect these Hollyweird types have on me is disgust. They sure aren’t smarter than I am. Look at Demi Moore for example. These multimillionaires and better, are stupid and egotistical and all the while they are telling us they know just how we – the unemployed, underemployed, struggling to pay for gas to get to work (those of us who have jobs) and food to feed our families – feel.

Yep. I’m glad I watched some quality television tonight instead of a bunch of ignorant people pat each other on the back for 3 hours.