Quote of the Day – Charles Krauthammer

“And the reason [pending rules requiring mandatory employer insurance coverage for contraception, sterilization and the “morning after pill”] is so damaging for Obama and the Democrats is it augments two stereotypes. One is that Obama is antireligious, the seeds of which were planted when we had the tape and he thought he wasn’t being heard about how the peasantry clings to guns and to God because of its frustrations. And second, I think the larger issue is the idea of intrusive, large government. That was an issue that created and propelled the rebellion in 2010 that causes the shellacking in the election.” 

Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

4 responses to “Quote of the Day – Charles Krauthammer

  • roxannadanna

    He’s sacrificing the Catholic (and most religious) votes for the womens vote. I guess he believes that he can do that and still win.

    maybe he can. I guess we’ll see.


    As we all know, Obama is an egomaniac.
    He thinks that he can get away with trouncing on the 1st Amendment.
    Now he has enraged the Catholic Church along with every other religious institution in the country.
    The very fact that he thinks that he can pull this tactic in an election year should be an indication of what we could expect from him if he is re-elected and doesn’t have to worry about satisfying his base.
    He continually sticks his finger in the eye of the American People, and I think, just to see how far he can get.

    Rush has stated in the past that Obama MUST be defeated in a landslide, otherwise, his machine will put him back in for another four years.


  • Conservatives on Fire

    It will be interesting to see how the polls change or don’t change.

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