Baptists and others come out against Obama

Government encroachments on religion have long concerned Dr. Land. Last December, he joined 59 other non-Catholic religious leaders in signing a letter to Barack Obama stating, “religious organizations beyond the Catholic community have deep moral objections to a requirement that their health insurance plans must cover abortifacients.”

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3 responses to “Baptists and others come out against Obama


    This could be the biggest pile Barry has ever put his foot in.
    Pelosi stated that we have to pass it to see what’s in it.
    Well Nan, we’re beginning to see what you demonic idiots rammed down our throats.
    Your timing was a bit off though, Barry boy has not been re-elected yet, and now he has got not only the Catholics, but the entire church community in an outrage.
    Not to mention the Chaplains in the Military.

    You go Barry boy, by the time you get to November, you’re going to be waste deep in it.

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