More honor killings

From Fox News Insider/Video

I’ve asked it before and I wish someone had an answer: Why do these people move to America if they believe that Western culture is so corrupting? And my second question: What kind of god sanctions the murder of children?

These people are sick. I can’t believe a mother would stand by and allow this to happen to her own daughters. This honor ritual garbage is alien to how we, as parents and citizens, think and feel about our children.

Are these the mainstream Muslims that we were supposed to develop an affinity for because of some reality series? Most Americans don’t care about someones religion until they start killing off wives and daughters because they behaved in a manner that the male family members didn’t like. These are the stories that turn the rest of America off to Islam.

They cannot claim to be the religion of peace and then kill their wives and daughter. Americans know this in their hearts.


4 responses to “More honor killings

  • Freedom, by the way

    The school didn’t intervene because they were muslim. Period. The father is most likely guilty (I say most likely because of the limited information ) but the school also has blood on their hands. If it had been a white child that complained to the school about an abusive household, Child Services would have been at the house that day. Political correctness is killing us.

  • samiam60

    Amazing isn’t it that Christianity is under attack in America and we hear nothing from the Elite Media about Islams Atrocities. I also find it interesting that the Elite Media never has a Negative Report about Obama on the air. This double standard sickens me and thank you Roxannadanna for keeping these types of things in the forefront of our blogs. 😉

    • roxannadanna

      Nobody’s afraid of Christians or Jews because we continually turn the other cheek. We don’t issue fatwas and crap. Muslims are scary.

      And thanks Sami for the kind words.

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