One more reason I’ll probably never visit NYC

I don’t read because I think Alex Jones is nutty, but this story linked from Drudge is pretty interesting.

Bloomberg has outlawed everything from salt to smoking and now he is going after privacy and first amendment rights. If I lived in a city, whether it was Phoenix or NYC, I’d be packing a concealed weapon – no question about it. Both my kids have concealed carry licenses in Nevada and we encouraged it.

What Bloomberg is saying to his citizens is that “acting outside of any governmental military effort” [they] should not be allowed to protect themselves with firearms.” Well guess what, there aren’t enough cops in the country to protect every one of us. I’ll take care of myself and my kids, if it ever comes to that.

9 responses to “One more reason I’ll probably never visit NYC

  • Freedom, by the way

    The Judge did a quick segment on this “scanner”. I am ready to invest in clothing (or at least pocketbooks & backpacks) made with aluminum to deter scans. And will anyone protest this?

  • Bob Mack

    Depending on the cops to save you will usually result in your outline being sketched on the ground in chalk…

  • bydesign001

    Never thought I’d say it but I miss Giuliani too.

  • bydesign001

    Oh yes and one more thing, you can bet that if Bloomberg is reporting that they will start doing these scans in the near future that they have already been doing them for at least a year and a half now. He works that way.

  • bydesign001

    I am born, raised and still live here and must tell you Michael Bloomberg is as big a dictator as Barack and a hypocrite. He passed a law a few years ago under the cover of darkness that anyone 18 years plus is not allowed in city parks unless they have a child with them. The fine is $100 to 250. Of course, we have OWS and Zuccotti Park. He allowed the Marxists to violate this and other laws for several weeks.

    Another thing, if for some reason, a person is picked up with a warrant, in police and custody, thirty seconds before they go before the judge and w/o notice they pass an eye scanner. No advance notice, no nothing. Happened to a few young folks I know. They had no idea what was happening until after it occurred. They said they were walking with an officer on their way to the courtoom and as they walked by something the officer leading said stop, now turn and look then quickly pulled them away.

    It was only afterwards did they realize what had just occurred. I wonder how many of these Marxists arrested protesting realize that they gave an eye scan?

  • wdednh

    I Am From NY And I am with you.

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