How the Ron Paul bullies do their work

Paulites (or whatever they call themselves – I call them nitwits) go to websites that require votes or comments and skew results. On purpose.This is how they think they can further their fruitcake leaders opinions and gain new members to their ranks? Okay. If they think it works…

Today however, they have done themselves proud by going to Amazon and giving Levin’s new book, Ameritopia, 1 star.  This book was just released TODAY and they are already reviewing it? How is that possible?

Well, it’s not possible. This is their bully tactics to discredit a voice they don’t like.  As Levin said today, these people are no different than Obama supporters. They are the same kind of bullies and thugs as those who follow TheOne. This is sad and pathetic and it is, in essence, cheating – again, no different than the Obamorons.

One thing these bullies didn’t realize is that every time you click on a book, according to Levin today, it raises the books ratings in Amazons best seller list.  So in trying to hurt his book, they are also helping it. Do you still wonder why I call them nitwits?

Nothing could or has discredited them more, in my eyes, than what they have done today.


4 responses to “How the Ron Paul bullies do their work

  • Evil Otto

    Usually, when a conservative book is released, it gets a slew of one-star reviews from liberals who haven’t read it. This book is getting those reviews from people who claim to be conservatives. Why? Because Levin has said bad things about their leader, Ron Paul.

    The Ron Paul movement strikes me as cult-like.

  • Righthook

    This is so infuriating. They clearly have no regard for another person’s feelings, and are willing to destroy someone’s creditibility and livelihood, for that matter, as this could affect Levin’s sales. All because someone disagrees with their guy? Hmm..they sound just like…liberals!

    • roxannadanna

      I had no idea how thuggish these people were until now. I guess they surrounded Santorums family at a rally, in a kinda menacing way.

      And because they are libertarians, they really don’t belong in the Republican party. They’re only there now because Paul has aligned himself with the Republicans in order for a shot at winning. He wouldn’t stand a chance if he were running IN the libertarian party.

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