Another (attempted) port shutdown coming soon

I don’t understand what these occupiers are trying to accomplish by shutting down ports. But they just aren’t going to give this up and they will continue to disrupt business, which in turn harms everyone. (You can read about it here.)

Their plan is to prevent our midwestern grains from being loaded on board these ships that are going to be headed for Asia. If they get their way, which it sounds like they won’t, it would mean lots of people would not be working that day. The Coast Guard will be escorting this ship into and out of port, so I don’t see the occupiers and the unions shutting this down. The unions have been warned, by their leadership, to not do this because they are going to court in March and the court has stuck them with heavy fines due to other shutdowns last year.

What I’m amazed at is there seems to be more sympathy in this country for these dirty occupiers than there is for the Tea party, at least according to the polls I’ve seen.

Just another reason I’m losing faith with the American people.



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