It’s true: Wealthy leftists feel guilty for being successful.

[Ricky] Gervais has felt guilty about rolling in dough. The Times of London’s Rich List pegged him to be worth $52 million.

“When ‘The Office’ broke, I felt guilty about it. You know, I was so proud . . . and then when the check came through, it sort of ruined it a bit,” Gervais told “Today” this week. “I’ve never done anything for a million pounds that I wouldn’t do for free.”

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You know this guy – he’s the host of some Hollywood awards show. He’s about as obnoxious a Brit as they come.  And he says he’s willing to do for free whatever he’s done that’s made him worth $52million?

Well hell – okay. Give that money to the Occupiers that you so warmly embrace and do whatever crap you do that’s made you a multimillionaire, for free from now on.




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