My take on the New Hampshire primary

After NH’s primary tonight, I’ve come closer to who I’m NOT going to support.  I am not a Ron Paul person and never will be, so for me,  he was out from the get-go, but Rick Perry has really hung himself, as far as I’m concerned. His ruthless statements against Romney (who has never been my first choice, anyway) were beyond the pale.

I have never been interested in supporting Huntsman. I think he’s phoney and his ambassadorship for Obama is a true turn off for me.

I like Santorum but I just don’t see him winning against Obama.

That leaves me with Newt and Mitt and I already said that Mitt has never been my first choice.

Like Perry, Newt is really skating on thin ice with his attacks on Mitt. I don’t think I’m any different than most conservatives and Republicans – we don’t want to hear personal attacks against one another. I want to hear the attacks against Obama and how different the individual will govern, if elected.

I think it’s inevitable that the nominee will be Mitt. And maybe all these attacks on him now, will blunt whatever the Obama machine will try to use against him, later.

As much as I can’t stand Kirsten Powers, I have to agree with her: I have almost no enthusiasm for these candidates and haven’t from the start. The people I’d like to see running – Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Allen West, even Chris Christie – are sitting this out and that is a huge disappointment. I ask myself if Washington, Adams and Franklin would have said “I’m not ready for this revolution right now. Come back and  talk to me in 5 years.”

Of course they would not have. How can these men justify sitting on the sidelines when our entire nation is at stake? When the time does come and they are “ready” to run, I’m not sure there will be a nation left for them to govern.



6 responses to “My take on the New Hampshire primary

  • nooneofanyimport

    You’ve summed it up well, Rox. I’m right there with you. You never know; maybe it’s best we don’t get anyone this time around that we’re too hopeful and trusting about. It’ll help us keep an eye on things? I dunno, just looking for a positive thought somewhere . . .


  • blogsense-by-barb

    Excellent question! I guess we forgot to schedule it far enough ahead to put it in their daytimer!

  • bunkerville

    I am with you. The Perry and Newt attacks were a no go. Now we need a conservative congress for sure.

    • roxannadanna

      Unfortunately, I think it was Mitt’s campaign that started all this mudslinging. The difference is that Mitt stayed out of it and above it and Newt and Perry jumped right in.

      But regardless, there are ways to address the crap that’s been flung at Newt and Perry, without dropping to the level they both have.

      I’m afraid that Obama will win another term so like you say, we HAVE to have a Conservative Senate. Now, I’m directing my attentions more and more to the senate races.

  • Freedom, by the way

    The more we see of the candidates, the uglier they get. Many conservatives feel as you do–to varying degrees. I’m not in love with any of them, either. Newt is my last choice, that’s all I know.

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