Once Upon a Time PBS and ABC have some great drama

If you’ve missed this new drama on ABC, you’re missing something really good. I happened to see an ad for it (don’t ask me how because I NEVER watch network tv) and suggested that it might be a program Jane would like. She DVR’d all the episodes and told me after the first one that I might really like it too. So this week we’ve been watching all the Once Upon a Time episodes together ( to catch me up) and I’m really hooked.

For those of us who remember The Brothers Grimm, this is a real treat. It weaves several fairy tales into the plot, which goes from a modern day town in Maine to the original fairy tales and back again. It appears that only one “real life” person knows she is part of the fairy tale and that is Regina Mills, mayor of this present day community and the wicked witch who cast the spell on Snow White, among others.

I think it will be a hit with teenagers and adults but younger kids won’t be interested. Nor would I want them watching it, I don’t think. It’s a little above them and the plot is hard to follow for kids.

But I recommend it to adults. It’s good entertainment. It airs on Sunday nights.

Also on Sunday PBS airs it’s second season of Downton Abbey, which I’m crazy about. I’ve watched the first season several times and love it every time I see it. If you know the movie Gosford Park, this is a lot like that. It’s a Masterpiece Theater production and reminds me how well they do television. There’s no reason, with this kind of programming that PBS couldn’t make a go of it by selling advertisements like every other network does.  I’ve always been a big fan of Nova, Frontline and Masterpiece and  I know that millions of others are too.

PBS needs to get out of the taxpayer donation business and join the free market. They could do very well with the choice of programming they have.


6 responses to “Once Upon a Time PBS and ABC have some great drama

  • nooneofanyimport

    We recently stumbled on Downtown Abbey, too, and quickly got hooked.


    • roxannadanna

      Have you ever seen Gosford Park, Linda? Downton Abbey reminds me a lot of that movie. I think I’ve watched it a dozen times, I like it so much. It stars Helen Mirren (I loved her long before she became famous when she was doing Prime Suspect for BBC) and Clive Owen.

      Now that Downton is back on, I can hardly wait for the next episode!

  • Freedom, by the way

    Everwhere I have lived, the early morning weather person on one of the local channels has been someone that’s pleasant to wake up to. So I spend 5 minutes with them. Silly, I know when I have the weather channel and that handy RED button on my remote where I can get my local weather anytime. Somehow, It’s nicer having a friendly face tell me its going to rain than just reading it on the screen.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Thanks for the recommendation, Roxi. The only time I tune into the regular networks is to watch my local weather and a football game once in a while.
    I’ve said for years that if PBS and NPR are so great, they can be self-supporting. When my son was little, we watched a lot of the PBS programming for kids. I know they could find advertisers and an audience.

    • roxannadanna

      I’ve always said that they have some quality programming on PBS (as well as NPR) and I would hate to see that go away due to lack of taxpayer funding. BUT, if it has to fail, so be it. I’m not going to pay for it, anymore than I would pay to fund the NYT or MSNBC or FNC, for that matter.

      With the quality of shows they have, they can, without a doubt find advertisers to support them. Nova, Frontline and Masterpiece are PRIMO shows. And they would either sink or not, on their own.

      I just do not watch network tv. I get my weather on the computer – LOL! And my news from Fox, my computer and the newspaper.

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