Can he mesmerize them again, do you think?


4 responses to “Can he mesmerize them again, do you think?

  • Freedom, by the way

    Or, can he continue to lie and be believed? Wasserman-Schultz was owned by Gretchen this morning on F&F when Gretchen said that Fox had verified Romney’s job creation #s while Gov or MA. W-S said, “well we haven’t been able to verify his job numbers.” Gretchen, “We have.” End of interview.
    They wake up in the morning, take their poison pill and get their marching lies, or, their authentic “cheat” sheets.

  • bunkerville

    Will Ron Paul memerize and start a third party? Regardless of one’s position on Paul, he is the one who can tank the election. Just saying.

    • roxannadanna

      You already know all this, but others may not: Paul is already a libertarian (its own party) and runs republican in order to get a few more votes. As much as I like the libertarian views (most of them) they will never be mainstream enough to do anything but screw up the elections.

      This election is just too damned important to be screwed up. If he runs as a third party (or if Trump does) and Obama gets re-elected, that person will be held accountable for all time for the downfall of this great nation.

  • wdednh

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    God forbid.

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