Subsidizing the so-called rich to purchase green cars

We hear daily that the “rich aren’t paying their fair share” so what are we doing? Paying them to purchase a $45,000 Chevy Volt. Seriously, the only people who can afford to buy this car are the rich. And more power to them – everyone should be able to buy what they want to buy with their own money, but for us to be subsidizing this (with our tax dollars) is inherently wrong.


3 responses to “Subsidizing the so-called rich to purchase green cars


    This is the result of the government injecting itself into private industry.
    The only people stupid enough to buy the Volt deserve it.
    I read that GE was essentially ‘given’ a fleet of them.
    The taxpayers ended up buying the damn car thanks to Obama.

    Merry Christmas Roxy, Happy New Year.

    • bydesign001

      Right on Roxy and AFVET.

      I don’t know anyone who has even given this car a thought.

      Indeed it is the result of government injecting itself into the private industry, not to mention the arrogance of Barack.

      Did he really think that because Obama said buy these awful vehicles that anyone would pay him a bit of attention.

      This is a scam, nothing else.

      Merry Christmas Roxy.

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