Daily Archives: December 12, 2011

The Inspiring Tim Tebow

What’s more personal to the individual than his faith? A belief in a higher order is what guides our daily lives and in ways that we don’t even think about.  It’s the basis for freedom of speech in this country.

How many athletes walk off the field and tell the ESPN guy, with a mic, that they thank God for the game they just played? You see it all the time, if you watch sports. So why is it that when Tim Tebow gives honor to God, it’s a controversy? The press is making a huge deal out of a young man who not only talks the talk but walks it, too. Maybe it’s just hard for the skeptical press to understand.

Tebow has inspired his team with his faith. They win because he believes they can win. And the fans are rallying behind them, despite the mocking and ridicule of other players and the press, in general.

Most Americans respect men and women of principle and faith.  Tebow has shown his principles, inspired his team and gathered Bronco fans behind them.

You go, Tim!