This is why I’m afraid we’re going to lose at the SCOTUS

[Henry J.] Aaron, a Senior Fellow in Economics at the Brookings Institution, is unable to imagine any route to cost control that doesn’t involve government coercion. In a 2005 Brookings white paper titled “Health Care Rationing: What it Means,” he represents the NHS [Britain’s National Healthcare System] as a system that has come to grips with what he sees as the inescapable necessity for rationing. Predictably, he rejects any alternative involving the market: “The key to efficient market outcomes is that prices reflect costs of production. The market for health care does not operate that way.” In other words, Aaron believes health care is a unique universe in which the market mysteriously fails to function and therefore can’t be relied upon to contain costs. It never seems to have occurred to him that the market’s alleged failure might be the result of government meddling. David Catron/American Spectator

And that is exactly what I’m afraid the SC will determine also.  I’m afraid those justices will see healthcare as an industry that is “unique” and cannot be contained in the free market; that the government has every right, indeed it has a duty, to contain and control prices in healthcare.

In order to do that, it will mean rationing.


4 responses to “This is why I’m afraid we’re going to lose at the SCOTUS

  • bunkerville

    A call came into Mark Levin, I have a link over at my place. If you feared Obamacare before, it will terrify you now.

    A Neurosurgeon had just attended a meeting with Government representatives. They let the group of Neurosurgeons know what they were in for. After age 70, no Neurosurgery will be the effect of the new rules coming down. People are no longer called people. We are now called Units. Comfort care is what we get. All to de-humanize us.

    • roxannadanna

      I heard it on Levin’s show but I hope anyone who hasn’t, will go over and listen to your blog.

      People just aren’t getting it. They don’t understand what this regime and his congress have done to us.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Heaven help us. If the Supremes uphold it, and congress doesn’t repeal, heaven help our nation. The constitution barely gives the feds a pause now–they may as well throw it away. No, scratch that. It will be up to we the people to stand up and defy national healthcare by refusing to participate.

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