These people are all over the board on issues

This is what’s going to doom the OccupyWallSt squatters – they have no cohesive message. I’ve been watching – mostly listening – to this UStream live feed from the NY loons and it’s all over the place. This Tim guy, who’s been knighted the “new age Cronkite”by his UStream viewers, is doing the interviewing and live streaming all their events.

They protest a new thing every single day.

Today, it’s “OCCUPY BIG FOOD” and chants of “whose food? Our food!” whatever the hell all that means. What is Big Food? Is it a grocery chain or is it a corporate thing?

They have people marching to the “9/11 was an inside job” meme.  And people are hawking their own websites regarding how Osama bin Laden was a CIA operative.

There are old people sitting on benches, singing “In my life” by the Beatles — very out of tune, I might add. And a conga band kinda thing going on. All of this is in Zucotti Park.

He’s wandered over to  a craft tent for folks who want to knit and crochet “in free space.” LOL  And tons of people just wandering aimlessly in this “free space.” LMAO

What the hell do they stand for? And I laugh out loud when I hear them say they are no different than the tea party. I’ve been to 3 tea party rallies and not one of them were anything like this. For one thing, you see no American flags here.

These people are dirty looking, dirty talking and completely unfocused. And the live stream is almost mesmerizing.


2 responses to “These people are all over the board on issues

  • Freedom, by the way

    It’s nothing but a free for all for folks with nothing better to do…and nothing in their brains.

    • roxannadanna

      You know that is so true. Last night I was watching the Ustream Oakland occupiers and all they were doing was milling around (some were dancing) in a huge parking lot. Totally aimless. Just wandering around waiting for someone to lead them, someplace…. LOL

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