UN ignores Middle Eastern human rights violations while investigating AZ

Remember a year or 2 ago when the UN was investigating Arizona for human rights violations?  Many of us in Arizona remember that. It was directly related to the immigration bill that was passed here.

My best friend in GA sent this article to me this morning. I have to wonder where the UN is when this crap is happening:

Women with sexy eyes in Saudi Arabia may be forced to cover them up, according to the spokesperson of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) in the conservative Gulf kingdom.

Spokesman of the Ha’eal district, Sheikh Motlab al-Nabet said the committee has the right to stop a women whose eyes seem “tempting” and order her to cover them immediately.

Saudi women are already forced to wear a loose black dress and to cover their hair and in some areas, their face, while in public or face fines or sometimes worse, including public lashings.

The announcement came days after the Saudi newspaper al-Watan reported that a Saudi man was admitted to a hospital after a fight with a member of the committee when he ordered his wife to cover her eyes. The husband was then stabbed twice in the hand.

The CPVPV is Saudi’s Sharia, Islamic law, executive arm and was founded in 1940 to ensure Islamic laws are not broken in public, yet over the years, the committee has been largely criticized over its human rights violations.

In 2002, the committee refused to let female students out of their burning schools in Mecca for “not wearing the proper head cover,” which contributed to a large number of dead.

15 young girls died in the fire and dozens more were injured. The CPVPV men banned the firemen and policemen from accessing the girls as “it is not okay for girls to be seen without their full Islamic dress in front of strangers.”

The committee, which only accepts and trains volunteers, has questionable powers on the Saudi street, as they operate under the supervision of the King himself.

A Wikileaks document released last year mentioned that “wild Western-style parties” are regularly held at royal palaces in Jeddah, away from the reach of the committee, who stands helpless against any royal violations.

It was reported that the parties had alcohol, drugs, dancing and sex, according to American consulate wires published by the whistle-blower organization.



4 responses to “UN ignores Middle Eastern human rights violations while investigating AZ

  • Conservatives on Fire

    And we are supposed to tolerate this culture within here and else where in the non-Muslim world but they tolerate no other cultures in their countries. Only the twisted liberal mind could rationalize such policy.

    • roxannadanna

      Yes. the left wants to accept this in our nation, until they lose their cell phones and internet. They’ll even ignore the abuse to gays to support these assholes.

  • righthook38

    This is all so disturbing. Our country is so worried about political correctness, that we are well on our way to allowing parts of sharia law in this country. My thing is….where are all of the women’s lib groups on this? They’re all about equality for women, right? How are THEY going to feel about wearing burkas, or being publicly disciplined for showing their “sexy” eyes? They should be screaming from the rooftops, but they’re nowhere to be found on this issue.

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