National right to work petition

One page, simple to read and understand – unlike the ObamaCare bill.

I signed and hope you will read and consider doing so, too.


One response to “National right to work petition


    South Carolina was denied a Boeing Plant because it is a right to work state.
    Ohio is not a right to work state, however, there is legislation in the state congress to make it one.
    The last bill (SB5) failed to pass.
    That was the bill to restrict the unions’ ability to consistently suck more and more money out of the private sector.
    Teachers would have had to justify their ability to conform to the current standards instead of relying on tenure, and the pay raises that come with it.
    In other words, if you suck as a teacher, you still get a raise, and a pension and benefits, paid for by the private sector workers.
    The public school system is paid for by property taxes in Ohio.
    In 1930, that was deemed unconstitutional according to the State Constitution of Ohio.
    My property taxes still go to pay the teachers, who pay union dues who contribute to the democratic party to help elect liberals that support unions.
    Money laundering at it’s finest, and I can do nothing about it.

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