The predator’s farm league

Jerry Sandusky created a farm league of child victims with his Second Mile Foundation. He is a typical predator of children. He went after the most vulnerable children in society.  All kids are vulnerable but the set up a “foundation” to attract those kinds of kids, specifically is truly stunning.  And this started in 1977.

How many other kids’ lives were ruined in the last 34 years?

The initial crimes lay with Sandusky but like freedom says, how can you work with someone that you know is a pedaphile? I can understand the desire to “not want to be involved” when all you have are suspicions about someone. But when he’s been caught in the act – not once but at least twice – and no one takes action, then the crime is expanded.

And like righthook says – if you saw this happening, why would you not stop it, then and there? I would’ve taken the guy out if I were a big young man like Mike McQuery, at the very moment. And if it were just me – short and old – I would have gotten on the phone and called the police, immediately.

They say the cover-up is worse than the crime in most instances.  Not so in this case. The crime is horrendous for the lives of these children. The cover-up speaks volumes about the morality of the college administration.

Sandusky has ruined the lives of dozens and dozens of people – maybe hundreds when this is expanded past the poor children to their families and to his co-workers.

There’s a special place in hell for this man.

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